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About Me

My name is Jasmine Shaw and I am a photographer, designer, and content creator who  is obsessed with skincare.


My work ranges from photo documentary film series, design, to capturing beauty products for fun! My creative brain is split between design and photography. I currently call Brooklyn, NY my home but I travel to and from my other home in NJ a lot of the time. When I am not creating, I am studying the newest skincare trend or techniques to achieve flawless complexion and hanging out with my two cats Jasper and Amber.

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2020   New Jersey City University BFA Thesis Exhibition Show

2020   Artist Talk New Jersey City University BFA Thesis Exhibition Show

2020   FOTOFIKA ALL STARS SPE Feature in Collection

2020   NCOA 2020 Age + Action Conference Gallery Exhibition

2020   The Class of 2020 In the In-Between Group Exhibition

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