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Medium: Large Format Photography

Artist Statement:

Asian American Home is a more intimate study of my home and its culture background through large format photography. Understanding nationality, race, and culture is a common theme that flows throughout this body of work.


Understanding my  family that is comprised of a first-generation Asian American mother, a white father, and a mixed child, I wanted to document my observations and my continuous understanding of Asian Americans. More specifically, focusing on the dynamics of my mixed brother (Timothy), mother (Rose), and my white father (Dan) and comparing the cultural dynamics.


While photographing my brother, he revealed that around certain friend groups he feels or identifies with being more white and other times more Chinese. For example, when he’s surrounded by people who strongly identify as Asian, he identifies as more white. On the other hand, sometimes when he is surrounded by Caucasians or people who are primarily white, he feels very Asian. Throughout this process, discussing cultural identities with my family members has helped me connect with my roots and delve deeper into my heritage.

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