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University Wayfinding System, Signage Design, and School Branding.

New Jersey City University was in need of a new signage system on campus to better the experience of NJCU and for campus safety. Navigating safe spaces on campus is a crucial part of the school experience as well as a great opportunity for creating branded visual spatial systems that help people understand the environment around them.

“1st Line” is a comprehensive smart signage system and brand that took over two years to develop.This project encompassed studying various elements such as signage, landmarks, maps, color coding, safety elements, readability, different types of users such as disabilities, university design, and other visual elements that are needed to guide individuals through complex spaces. We studied the human psychology, behavior, and perception to create clear pathways and enhance the overall user experience and how 2D & 3D design plays a role in that. 


Goals & Roles

Design Director 

Mockups Iterations

Logo Design Study and Process for Various Brands

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